The Top 24 Solar Panel Installation Companies in Idaho

In this blog, we explore the top solar panel installation companies in Idaho and guide you through the process of choosing the most reliable option for your clean energy needs.

Welcome to the sunny state of Idaho, where renewable energy is on the rise and solar panels are transforming homes and businesses alike. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to explore the top solar panel installation companies in Idaho that are making strides towards a sustainable future.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to cut your electricity bills or a business owner aiming to reduce your carbon footprint, these companies have got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to discover how these local experts are harnessing the power of the sun in the Gem State!

EGT Solar

EGT Solar solar panel installation company in Idaho

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Services and products:

  • Full-service solar installation
  • Use of high-quality North American-made solar components
  • Keeping money within local communities
  • Education-based sales process
  • Providing an affordable, safe, and effective alternative to Idaho Power

EGT Solar is a highly reputable solar panel installation company serving Boise, Twin Falls, and the surrounding Southern Idaho Counties. With our team of experienced electrical apprentices and journeymen, we offer comprehensive installation services using top-quality North American-made solar components.

As an education-focused company with a 5-Star rating, we provide accurate information to empower our clients in making informed decisions about switching to solar energy. By offering an affordable and effective solution that competes with Idaho Power, EGT Solar leads the way in renewable energy in Idaho while keeping money within local communities.

Intermountain Wind & Solar

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Services and products:

  • Spot-on production estimates
  • Competitive cost-per-watt pricing
  • Designing panel systems that suit roofline design and comply with local building laws and regulations
  • Certified installation services
  • Monitoring and maintenance services to keep the system performing optimally

Intermountain Wind & Solar, based in Boise, Idaho, is a leading solar energy company that specializes in providing accurate production estimates and competitive pricing for home and business owners looking to switch to solar power. With a team of certified installers and comprehensive monitoring and maintenance services, Intermountain Wind & Solar ensures that your solar panel system is designed, installed, and maintained efficiently.

Moreover, they are knowledgeable about federal incentives such as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows you to deduct 26% of your solar energy system cost from federal taxes.

Blue Raven Solar

Contact phone: (325) 644-5099

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Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation services
  • Solar panel ownership options
  • Solar panel leasing options
  • Power purchase agreement (PPA) options
  • Information and guidance on going solar in Idaho

Introducing [Company Name], the premier Idaho solar company dedicated to helping residents embrace the power of solar energy. With a landscape as breathtaking as its gemstones, Idahoans understand the importance of preserving their environment and are turning to solar power in record numbers.

As solar panel installations in Idaho skyrocket, [Company Name] is at the forefront of this green revolution, offering expert guidance and solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Discover the benefits of going solar today with [Company Name].

Idahome Solar

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Services and products:

  • Installation of solar panels in homes in Treasure Valley and all of Idaho
  • Repair, maintenance, and replacement of existing solar arrays
  • Addition of new components to existing systems, such as solar batteries
  • Fully trained, licensed, and insured technicians with over 25 years of experience
  • In-house work with no subcontractors involved, ensuring quality and trust

Idahome Solar is a reputable solar panel installation company serving Treasure Valley and all of Idaho. With over 25 years of experience, their fully trained and licensed technicians specialize in installing, repairing, maintaining, and replacing solar arrays for homes.

As a locally owned and family-owned business, they pride themselves on their in-house expertise, ensuring that all work is completed to the highest standards by trusted professionals. Contact Idahome Solar today for a free consultation to explore the numerous benefits of switching to solar energy.

Big Dog Solar

Contact phone: (855) 687-8469

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Services and products:

  • Free quote and no obligation
  • Simple installation process
  • Photo-voltaic system installation
  • Solar readiness score assessment
  • Agricultural and commercial solar installations

Big Dog Solar Energy, located in Pocatello, ID and with a contact number of (208) 254-2561, is a reputable solar panel installation company. With nearly a decade of experience, they pride themselves on partnering with industry leaders to provide top-of-the-line photo-voltaic systems.

They offer free quotes and a simple installation process for those interested in embarking on the journey towards energy independence.

Nationwide Solar

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Services and products:

  • Home Solar Panels
  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Solar Financing
  • Warranty
  • Residential Roofing

Nationwide Solar is a trusted solar panel installation company serving Boise, Meridian, and Nampa in Idaho. With more sunny days than the average U.S.

State, homeowners and business owners in these areas rely on Nationwide Solar for their solar power needs at their residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Horizon Power

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Services and products:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Agriculture Solar Energy
  • Solar Power Systems for Idaho Businesses
  • Free Solar Estimates

Horizon PWR is an award-winning solar power company that specializes in residential, commercial, and agriculture solar energy solutions. Based in Idaho and Oregon, they serve a wide range of cities including Blackfoot, Boise, Caldwell, Eagle, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Nampa, Pocatello, Rexburg, Rigby, Sun Valley and Twin Falls.

With their expertise and commitment to sustainability, Horizon PWR helps businesses in Idaho make the smart financial choice of installing a solar power system that will not only save them money but also contribute to a better future for their communities and the environment.




Contact phone: (228) 219-8978

Services and products:

  • Full residential and commercial electrical services
  • Solar panel installation
  • High-performance generators
  • Portable battery systems
  • Energy efficiency products

RALOS is a local Boise electrical contractor and solar installer that specializes in providing high-quality electrical and solar solutions. With an online store offering top-notch equipment from trusted partner SimpliPhi, RALOS is dedicated to ensuring electrical and solar projects are done right.

As a full-service company, RALOS offers residential and commercial services in addition to energy-efficient products, demonstrating their commitment to bringing energy independence to as many people as possible.

Smart Energy

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation services in Idaho Falls
  • Information on tax credits and incentives for going solar
  • Assistance in reducing energy bills through solar panel installation
  • Expertise in providing cost-effective and reliable renewable energy solutions
  • Guidance on financial considerations and potential rebates for solar installations

Smart Energy USA is the leading solar company in Idaho Falls, offering the best solar panels in the state. With their expertise, customers can learn about tax credits, incentives, and effective ways to reduce energy bills.

They prioritize sustainability and aim to help residents go green while saving money on monthly electricity bills.

Renewable Energy NW LLC

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Services and products:

  • Solar Panel Installation
  • Solar Thermal HVAC
  • Whole House Fans
  • Electrical Upgrades
  • Whole Home Energy Solutions

Renewable Energy NW LLC is a leading solar panel installation company in the Northwest region. With a focus on providing affordable solar thermal solutions, they have expanded over the years to offer various energy solutions beyond just solar.

Their services not only benefit the environment by reducing pollution but also provide significant cost savings for homeowners through clean and renewable energy sources.

Solar Direct

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Services and products:

  • Certified and licensed solar installers with over 30 years of experience
  • Residential and commercial solar installations worldwide
  • Extended solar warranty
  • Expert technicians in Idaho Falls
  • Grid-tied solar systems with credit for excess energy production

Solar Direct is a highly trusted and experienced solar panel installation company in Idaho Falls. With over 30 years of expertise, they have successfully completed numerous residential and commercial solar installations worldwide.

They are committed to providing clean and sustainable energy options for homeowners and businesses in Idaho, helping them reduce or eliminate their utility bills through the efficient conversion of sunlight into electrical power.

RevoluSun Idaho

solar direct


Contact phone: (580) 153-2435

Services and products:

  • Solar energy installation
  • Battery storage solutions
  • Heating and cooling services
  • Home improvement services
  • Commitment to quality and customer satisfaction

RevoluSun Idaho is a trusted solar provider in the ever-changing industry. Their commitment to quality is evident in their knowledgeable staff, comprehensive services, and top-of-the-line products.

With over eight thousand satisfied customers, RevoluSun continues to exceed expectations and leave a legacy of clean energy for future generations.

Moment Solar

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Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation services
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Assistance in understanding the process and benefits of solar panels
  • Seamless transition into solar energy
  • Painless financing options

Moment Solar is a trusted solar installation company based in Boise, Idaho. With their expertise and experience, they help clients understand the process and benefits of installing solar panels to their homes.

They offer quick installation, painless financing options, and are committed to helping the community reduce energy costs while minimizing their carbon footprint.

The Magic Solar Team

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Services and products:

  • Solar panel installations
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Premium renewable energy solutions for homes, businesses, and agricultural properties
  • Keeping energy bills low
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction with investments in the future

Magic Solar is a trusted solar panel installation company serving the Twin Falls, Jerome, Boise, and surrounding areas in Magic Valley. With over four decades of experience in the industry, they are known as Idaho’s Solar Experts.

By harnessing the abundant solar energy available, Magic Solar helps homes, businesses, and agricultural properties reduce energy bills and improve long-term energy reliability. Their dedicated team ensures customer satisfaction through premium renewable energy solutions and comprehensive repair and maintenance services.

Pell Solar

Pell Solar

Services and products:

  • Custom solar panel system design for each home
  • Installation of solar panel systems by their own crew
  • Assistance in finding the right solution to eliminate electric bills
  • Free quotes for solar panel installations
  • Excellent customer service and attention to detail

Pell Solar is a highly experienced solar panel installation company that takes pride in providing customized solutions for each home. With their own crew, they ensure expert installation and exceptional customer service, guiding clients seamlessly through the entire process.

Their satisfied customers appreciate their attention to detail and the ability to monitor system performance online, making Pell Solar the top choice for anyone considering the benefits of solar energy.

Beacon Plumbing

Contact phone: (857) 142-8571

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Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation
  • Solar panel repairs
  • Solar panel maintenance
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Assistance in choosing the best solar panel system for homes or offices

Beacon Plumbing is a trusted and established solar panel installation company in Idaho City, ID. With their team of qualified technicians, they offer a range of services including installation, repairs, maintenance, and cleaning for solar panels.

Clients can rely on their customer-centric and professional approach to provide the best solar energy system for homes or offices.

Solgen Power

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Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for residential properties in Idaho
  • Assistance with Idaho solar incentives and federal government subsidies
  • Financing options for homeowners to own their energy source
  • Expertise in serving smaller communities in Idaho
  • Installation services available in major cities and potentially other areas as well

Solgen Power is a leading Idaho solar company that helps homeowners in the Pacific Northwest harness the abundant sunshine and transition to renewable energy. With over 250 days of sunshine each year, Idaho has become an optimal state for solar energy production.

Solgen Power provides financing options and takes pride in empowering communities by enabling homeowners to own their energy source rather than renting from utility companies. Explore if your area qualifies for a solar installation with Solgen Power beyond our major city coverage.

Smart Solar Energy

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Services and products:

  • Residential Solar
  • Commercial Solar
  • Oregon Incentives
  • Washington Incentives
  • Solar Guarantees

This solar panel installation company offers residential and commercial solar energy services in Oregon and Washington. They provide information on incentives in both states, as well as cost breakdowns.

The company guarantees excellent customer service and employs licensed and certified technicians for their projects.

Northwest Renewables

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Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for residential and commercial properties
  • Electric vehicle chargers installation
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Energy efficiency solutions
  • Free estimates with Coeur d’Alene energy efficiency technicians

Northwest Renewables is a leading solar panel installation company that specializes in providing innovative renewable energy solutions for residential and commercial customers. With a team of skilled technicians, they offer state-of-the-art technologies such as solar arrays and electric vehicle chargers to help reduce carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency, and achieve energy independence.

Their expert guidance ensures a seamless experience from initial consultation to project completion, making solar power a smart long-term investment for businesses and homeowners alike.

Powered Alliance Solar

Contact phone: (680) 755-1090

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation on flat roofs in Boise, Idaho
  • Top-quality solar products
  • Residential solar panel installation in Boise, Idaho
  • Assistance in choosing the perfect solar panel system for homes
  • Experienced technicians for installation process

The solar panel installation company in Boise, Idaho is a trusted and experienced provider of top-quality solar products and installation services. They specialize in installing solar panels on flat roofs without any significant modifications, allowing for maximum sunlight collection and energy production.

With their team of experts, they ensure that customers find the perfect solar system for their homes and provide professional installation services.



Contact phone: (855) 339-1831

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Services and products:

  • Thorough evaluation of solar energy systems
  • Inspection of panels, inverters, electrical system, and wiring
  • Analysis of historical and current energy production levels
  • Identification of vulnerabilities and upgrade opportunities
  • Detailed inspection report for reference in home sales or future repair work

Palmetto is a certified solar installer and maintenance company that offers comprehensive inspections to assess the performance and health of your solar energy system. Their experienced technicians evaluate various components such as panels, inverters, electrical systems, and wiring while also analyzing historical and current energy production levels.

They provide detailed inspection reports which can be used for reference in home sales or future repair work. Contact Palmetto today to take advantage of their services.

Note: The starting cost for their services may vary depending on factors such as location, condition, improvements, updates, lot sizes, and building type.

Blue Pacific Solar

Contact phone: (888) 898-5849

Services and products:

  • Solar panel systems
  • Do-it-yourself (DIY) kits
  • Battery backup
  • Charge controllers
  • Electrical distribution products

With a focus on customer empowerment, Blue Pacific Solar provides a variety of solar panel systems and related products in Boise, Idaho. Their offerings include DIY kits, giving customers the ability to install and maintain their own solar energy systems.

Blue Pacific Solar offers battery backup solutions for those seeking to maximize their energy independence.

Noble Solar

Noble Solar


Services and products:

  • Residential solar panel installation
  • Solar-friendly incentives and rebates
  • Solar warranties for 25-30 years or more
  • Elimination of Idaho Power Bill
  • Consistent and worry-free power supply

Idaho Solar is a leading solar panel installation company in Idaho, offering cost-efficient solar energy solutions to residents and businesses. With the region’s abundant sunshine and solar-friendly incentives, switching to solar in Idaho has become an attractive option for many customers.

By eliminating their Idaho Power Bill and enjoying worry-free power for over two decades with long-term warranties, customers can experience significant savings and peace of mind.

Blazing Radiance Solar

Services and products:

  • Innovative and eco-friendly solar panel installation services
  • State-of-the-art equipment for designing, installing, and maintaining solar panels
  • Boosting energy efficiency and reducing energy bills
  • Enhancing property value through solar panel installation
  • Reliable and long-lasting solar panel performance with strict adherence to safety protocols

Blazing Radiance Solar is a leading solar panel installation company serving the state of Idaho. With a commitment to innovation and eco-friendliness, they use state-of-the-art equipment and a team of certified engineers to design, install, and maintain solar panels for residential and commercial properties.

Their reliable installations are performed with strict adherence to safety protocols, ensuring top-quality performance for their clients.

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