The Top 18 Solar Panel Installation Companies in Nebraska

If you’re considering installing solar panels in Nebraska, read on to discover the top-rated companies that can help you harness the power of renewable energy.

Welcome to sunny Nebraska, where the sun’s energy is harnessed through cutting-edge technology, allowing residents and businesses alike to embrace a greener way of life. In this blog post, we delve into the world of solar panel installation companies in Nebraska – the unsung heroes behind the state’s clean energy revolution.

Whether you’re an eco-conscious homeowner looking to reduce your carbon footprint or a business owner seeking sustainable solutions, join us as we explore the top-notch companies that are paving the way towards a brighter future for the Cornhusker State. So grab your shades and get ready to discover how these solar experts are transforming Nebraska into a shining example of renewable energy innovation.

ADT Solar

ADT Solar

Contact phone: (276) 659-5931

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar energy installation services in Nebraska
  • High quality equipment from industry-leading brands
  • Customized solar solutions to meet energy needs and goals
  • Exceptional customer service and support from Solar Energy Specialists
  • 25-year warranties on solar panel systems to protect investments

ADT Solar is a trusted and reputable solar panel installation company in Nebraska. They prioritize quality work, high-quality equipment, and exceptional customer service.

With licensed and insured installers, they partner with industry-leading brands to provide long-lasting equipment backed by 25-year warranties. Their knowledgeable Solar Energy Specialists are dedicated to answering all your questions and guiding you through the entire process to ensure a customized solar solution that meets your energy needs and goals.

GRNE Solar

GRNE Solar

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Design and installation of residential, commercial, and small utility-scale solar energy systems
  • AI design and 3D home modeling
  • Designated Project Manager
  • Project Site Assessment
  • Ongoing Service and Technical Support

GRNE Solar, a trusted solar panel installation company since 2012, specializes in designing and installing residential, commercial, and small utility-scale solar energy systems. With over 1,600 satisfied customers, their expert team handles every step of the installation process from design to ongoing support.

Their services include AI design & 3D home modeling, project management, assessment and engineering, interconnection coordination, permit submission, inspection coordination, system monitoring and technical support.

J-Tech Construction & Solar

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Residential and commercial solar panel installation
  • Window and door replacement
  • Home siding installation
  • Gutter installation
  • Metal roof installation and repair

J-Tech Construction and Solar is a leading provider of solar panel installations, roofing, gutters, and other home improvement services in Omaha, Lincoln, and Grand Island. With a team of Exterior Experts, they deliver high-quality residential and commercial solutions including window and door replacement, home siding, metal roof installation and repair.

Their commitment to using trusted brands ensures reliability and durability in every project. Contact them at (402) 261-3682 for more information or to request a quote for your solar power system or other construction needs.




Contact phone: (800) 786-7693

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for commercial buildings
  • Solar panel installation for residential buildings
  • Solar energy consultation and assessment
  • Solar panel maintenance and repair services
  • Solar panel financing and leasing options

Introducing [Company Name], the premier solar panel installation company in Nebraska. With an abundance of sunny days and a potential for massive solar energy production, [Company Name] is committed to helping residents and businesses harness the power of renewable energy.

Our expert team ensures seamless installations that provide reliable electricity while reducing carbon footprints. Join the sustainable revolution with [Company Name] and make a positive impact on Nebraska’s energy landscape today.

Everlight Solar

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Free quotes to determine potential savings with solar power
  • Solar consultation to assess suitability for solar panels
  • Explanation of benefits and available incentives for going solar in Nebraska
  • $0-down solar financing options for homeowners
  • Assistance in reducing electricity bills by switching to solar power

Everlight Solar is a leading solar panel installation company that is bringing clean energy to Nebraska. With their $0-down financing options, homeowners in Nebraska can easily make the switch to solar and start saving on their electricity bills.

They provide free quotes and solar consultations to ensure that homes are a good fit for solar panels.

Solar Action Alliance

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for Nebraska residents
  • Assistance in navigating state and federal incentives for solar energy
  • Evaluation of different solar panel options available in Nebraska
  • Expertise in maximizing energy savings and reducing electric bills
  • Guidance on the benefits and advantages of solar power in Nebraska

Nebraska Solar Panel Installation Company is a leading provider of solar panel solutions in Nebraska. With years of experience and expertise in the field, they aim to help homeowners save over 70% on their electric bills by harnessing the abundant sunlight available in the state.

Despite the lack of state incentives, all Nebraska residents can still benefit from the Federal Tax Credit of 30%, making solar panels a cost-effective and smart choice for homeowners in Nebraska.

Great Plains Renewables

Contact phone: (402) 709-4750

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar energy solutions for farms
  • Geothermal energy solutions for homes
  • Solar panel installation for businesses
  • Geothermal heating and cooling services
  • Installation of advanced and efficient solar panels

Great Plains Renewables is a solar panel installation company that offers affordable and hassle-free solutions to help you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. Whether it’s for your farm, home, or business, their team of experts can provide efficient and reliable solar energy options tailored to your needs.

Take advantage of the abundant sunlight in the Great Plains region and join the clean energy movement today by contacting Great Plains Renewables at 402-709-4750.

Solar Omaha

Solar Omaha


Services and products:

  • Residential solar panel installation
  • Agricultural solar panel installation
  • Commercial solar panel installation
  • Solar panel repair services
  • Free solar evaluation

Quantum Solar is a leading solar panel installation company serving the great plains region. With the latest technology and a drive to minimize fossil fuel consumption, they offer residential, agricultural, and commercial solutions to help homeowners, farmers, and business owners reduce their energy costs while promoting clean energy alternatives.

Their team of experts can provide a free solar evaluation to help customers make informed decisions about transitioning to solar power. Contact Quantum Solar today at 402-590-5900 to start winning the energy-savings game.

Lincoln Electric System


Contact phone: (325) 009-9505

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Monthly donation option to support solar energy
  • Purchase of “virtual” solar panels
  • Installation of personal solar panels
  • Solar options available for homes and businesses
  • Access to trusted information and best practices through the Solar Trade Ally Network and Solar Buyer’s Checklist

This solar panel installation company is committed to helping individuals and businesses harness the power of the sun. Whether through monthly donations, “virtual” solar panels, or installing your own solar panels, they provide options that allow customers to contribute to a cleaner environment and save money.

They also offer accurate information through their Solar Trade Ally Network, ensuring trustworthy advice when considering investing in solar energy.

Bob’s RV Solar Panels

Contact phone: (877) 561-4718

Services and products:

  • Professional installation of RV solar panels
  • Specialization in RV solar panel services
  • Experienced installers
  • Affordable low prices
  • Serving various locations in Nebraska including Omaha, Lincoln, Hastings, Beatrice, Bellevue, Grand Island, Norfolk, Columbus, Papillion, Holdrege, Nebraska City, Kearney, Sidney, South Sioux City, Fremont, North Platte, Crete, Scottsbluff, Falls City, Seward, Ogallala, Lexington, Plattsmouth, Blair, Aurora, Saint Paul, York, Elkhorn, Valentine, Mitchell, Chadron, Albion, Valley, Gordon, Gothenburg, Wymore, Hickman, Waverly, Dakota City, Roca, Wilber, Wakefield, Newcastle, Cambridge, Weeping Water, Emerson, Jansen, Atlanta, Primrose, Malmo, Hazard, Memphis, South Bend, Sarpy County, Scotts Bluff County, Cass County, and Keya Paha County.

Bob’s RV Solar Panels is a professional and experienced solar panel installation company based in Nebraska. With their team of specialists and affordable prices, they proudly serve residents in Omaha, Lincoln, Hastings, Beatrice, Bellevue, Grand Island, Norfolk, and many other cities across the state.

Fill out their short contact form to get in touch with them for all your RV solar panel needs.

EcoGen America

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for homes and businesses
  • Assistance in switching to clean energy
  • Access to Nebraska’s solar programs and incentives
  • Expertise in maximizing solar power generation
  • Affordable and profitable solar solutions for a sustainable future

Introducing Nebraska Solar, your trusted partner in making the switch to clean energy and saving money. With over $135 million already invested in solar power and an expected additional 1,070 MW of solar power in the next 5 years, Nebraska is at the forefront of the solar surge.

With more than 200+ sunny days per year and a decrease of over 50% in the cost of solar panels, now is the perfect time to invest in a profitable and sustainable future with our state-of-the-art solar panel installations. Plus, take advantage of various solar programs and incentives available that can help you get your Nebraska solar panels installed for free!

Cedar Creek Energy

Contact phone: (763) 432-5261

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Turnkey residential and commercial solar solutions
  • EPC services (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)
  • LED-lighting and retrofitting
  • Operation and maintenance (O & M) of existing systems
  • Other renewable energy solutions

Cedar Creek Energy is a Minnesota-based solar panel installation company that offers turnkey solutions for residential and commercial projects. With expertise in EPC services, LED lighting, retrofitting, and renewable energy solutions, they have successfully designed and implemented the first approved MnPace financed project in Minneapolis.

Trusting in their experience and commitment to enduring savings and energy efficiency, Cedar Creek Energy also provides solar management services to ensure optimal performance of installed systems.

Saving on Solar

Services and products:

  • Customized solar panel installations for Nebraska homeowners
  • Affordable solar quotes and designs
  • Assistance from licensed Nebraska solar consultants
  • Maximizing energy savings through solar power
  • Potential for significant cost savings compared to traditional power costs

Saving On Solar is a trusted solar panel installation company in Nebraska. They specialize in helping homeowners maximize their energy savings by customizing affordable and effective solar solutions.

With renewable energy sources like solar, homeowners can enjoy clean electricity without releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere while also enjoying significant cost savings over time compared to traditional power costs.

Affordable Solar

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installations for homes and businesses
  • Custom design of solar systems
  • Expert advice on switching to solar power
  • Uncompromising integrity in business practices
  • Exceptional customer service

Affordable Solar is the leading solar panel installation company in Albuquerque, providing reliable and durable alternative electricity solutions for homes and businesses since 1998. They pride themselves on uncompromising integrity, outstanding teamwork, and exceptional customer service.

With custom-designed solar systems that exceed expectations, they are dedicated to helping clients save money while reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to the state’s clean energy targets.

Dixon Power Systems

Services and products:

  • Solar Products
  • Wind Products
  • Generator Products
  • Charge ‘N Go
  • Grid-Tie Battery Back-up

Dixon Power Systems is Nebraska’s leading solar and small wind installer. With expertise in custom design, purchase, and installation of renewable energy systems, they cater to a wide range of applications including residential, recreational, small business, agricultural, emergency, and field projects throughout the Midwest.

As an advocate for renewable energy solutions, Dixon Power Systems also conducts workshops aimed at educating individuals on the benefits of sustainable power sources.


Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar panel systems installation for homes and businesses
  • Comprehensive energy audit
  • Assistance in accessing federal and state rebates and incentives
  • Net metering, energy offset, and battery storage solutions
  • Customized solar system development for homes and businesses

Thompson is a trusted solar panel installation company with a proven track record of providing high-quality residential and commercial solar solutions. With comprehensive energy audits, thorough consideration of available rebates, and investment ROI analysis, Thompson develops customized solar systems that meet the unique needs of each customer.

Contact Thompson for a free consultation and make an informed choice for your solar partner.




Contact phone: (714) 625-8204

Facebook page: Facebook

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities
  • Solar panel installation for schools, government buildings, and public power entities
  • Assistance with federal grant programs for renewable energy projects
  • Technical assistance for tribal governments in solar energy projects
  • Education and training programs for tribal governments in solar energy

This solar panel installation company in Nebraska provides valuable information about federal incentive programs available to reduce costs for switching to solar power. They highlight various grant options provided by the American Investment and Recovery Act of 2009, such as the Renewable Energy Grant that offers 30% of property basis for new constructions utilizing solar power.

They mention the REAP program, which grants a 25% subsidy for schools, government buildings, and public power entities adopting solar energy. The company also acknowledges financial assistance offered through the Tribal Energy Grant Program specifically tailored to tribal governments.

Freedom Forever

Services and products:

  • Solar panel installation for residential properties
  • Solar panel installation for commercial properties
  • Solar panel maintenance and repair services
  • Assistance with solar financing options
  • Customer testimonials and case studies

Freedom Forever is a leading solar panel installation company, dedicated to providing clean energy from reliable sources. With an extensive presence across multiple states, they are actively installing solar panels for customers in Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, and many more.

The company offers room to grow for residents in states where installations are currently coming soon or have the potential for future expansion. Freedom Forever’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive experiences shared by families like the Websters and Souzas who have witnessed the benefits of their efficient solar installations firsthand.


What is the average cost of solar in Nebraska?

The average cost of a typical 6kW solar system in Nebraska falls around $16,980 before incentives are considering, making it among the higher rates in the country.

Is solar worth it in Omaha Nebraska?

In Omaha, Nebraska, solar installation is indeed worth it, as the area averages around 5 hours of peak sunlight each day year-round, with periods of up to 15 hours or more of constant sunlight during the summer, which can substantially offset energy bills.

How long do solar panels last?

Solar panels are designed to be highly durable and reliable, often lasting more than 25 years.

What are the best solar panel companies operating in Nebraska?

The top solar panel companies operating in Nebraska include Sunrun, Tesla, and SunPower. Each of these companies has a proven track record and provides an excellent balance between quality and cost. Sunrun offers affordable leasing options and customized solar solutions. Tesla is known for its revolutionary solar technology and durable solar panels. SunPower offers high efficiency solar panels and has been in the solar industry for over 30 years.

On a local scale, Interconnection Systems Inc is also a well-respected provider of solar systems in Nebraska. Each of these companies delivers quality solar panel systems and reliable installation services, making them the go-to options for solar in Nebraska.

How does the climate in Omaha, Nebraska affect solar power production?

Omaha, Nebraska experiences a considerable amount of sun exposure, ideal for solar power production. This region typically sees about 214 sunny days per year which is above the national average. In winter, despite reduced sunlight and snowfall, solar panels still work efficiently as they utilize light not heat for energy production, and snow can even help by reflecting additional sunlight.

However, it’s important to note that solar energy production might decrease during cloudy days and severe weather conditions common in Omaha. Wind can impact panel stability, but with secure installation and weather-resistant design, impacts can be minimized. Thus, Omaha’s climate is generally favorable for solar power, with lower but still valuable output during winter months.

What incentives are available for solar installation in Nebraska?

Nebraska offers several incentives for solar installation, which mainly revolve around state and federal tax credits. The Residential Energy Tax Credit allows a taxpayer to claim up to 30% of installation costs for a new system. Nebraska also offers property tax exemption for any added home value from solar power installations.

There’s also the Renewable Energy Systems Sales Tax Exemption that provides 100% sales tax exemption on equipment and components used in solar installations. Lastly, utility-based incentives may apply depending on the local service provider, designed to make installations easier and more affordable. Check with your local utility to see what incentives may be available.

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