Solar Shades: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

Learn what to look for when buying solar shades to keep your home cool and energy-efficient.

Key takeaways:

  • Reduce glare, protect furniture, save energy
  • Choose openness percentage for light and privacy control
  • Custom color, fabric, and motorization options available
  • Measure precisely, install correctly for perfect fit
  • Consider motorization, solar sensor, side channels for upgrades

Benefits of Solar Shades

benefits of solar shades

They’re the MVPs of your windows. These bad boys reduce glare, making binge-watching your favorite shows a squint-free experience. Reduced glare means less eye strain.

Solar shades act like sunscreen for your home. They block harmful UV rays, extending the life of your furniture and flooring. No more faded couches or bleached-out rugs.

They help regulate indoor temperatures, which can significantly lower your energy bills. Your A/C and heater will thank you.

Privacy? Absolutely. You can see out, but nosy neighbors can’t see in. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Selecting Openness Percentage

Alright, let’s talk about how much sunlight you want streaming through those snazzy solar shades. The “openness percentage” is your ticket to controlling light and privacy. Think of it like choosing the size of holes in a big, fabric colander for sunlight.

Lower openness percentages (around 1-5%) mean tinier holes. You’ll get less light, more privacy, and can still admire the view without feeling like a goldfish bowl exhibit.

Higher percentages (around 10-14%) crank up the daylight while maintaining some privacy. It’s perfect if you love a sunbathed room but don’t want nosy neighbors checking out your dance moves.

Mid-range? Ah, the sweet spot: great light with decent privacy. It’s Goldilocks’ choice, not too little, not too much, just the right solar porridge.

So, what’s your light appetite? Adjust your openness percentage and serve your solar shades sunny-side up!

Customizing Options

When it comes to making your solar shades truly *yours*, you can have some fun with customization. First up, you’ve got color choices. Solar shades come in a jolly rainbow of hues. Whether you need something that screams “Look at me!” or blends in like a spy in the night, there’s a shade for you.

Next, consider the fabric. Different fabrics offer different levels of durability, UV protection, and even fashion flair. You can go sleek and modern or cozy and traditional.

Patterns? Oh yes, they exist. From subtle textures to bold prints, pick something that tickles your fancy and makes guests do a double-take.

And let’s not forget about motorization. Imagine, controlling your shades with a remote or even your smartphone. James Bond would be jealous. Enjoy convenience and impress the neighbors with just a push of a button.

Then, there’s the finishing touches. Valances and cornices can add that final flourish to your window masterpiece, hiding all the messy bits and making everything look polished.

Measuring and Installation Tips

Grab that tape measure! First, measure the width of your window at the top, middle, and bottom. Note the narrowest measurement to ensure a perfect fit. Don’t just eyeball it; precision is key unless you want your solar shades looking like Picasso helped.

For the height, measure from the top to the sill. If installing outside the window frame, add extra height for better coverage and privacy.

Pro tip: If your house was built in the 1800s and nothing is level, double-check for wonky angles. Better safe than lopsided.

Installing is a breeze if you follow the instructions. Secure brackets at the top of the window frame for an inside mount or at the desired points on the wall for an outside mount. A power drill comes in handy, but hey, if you’re into old-school workouts, you can use a screwdriver.

Snap your shades into place, et voilà! You now have a high-tech defense against those pesky sun rays.

Upgrades and Accessories

Want to take your solar shades to the next level? There are some stellar upgrades and accessories to consider.

For starters, motorization adds a touch of luxury. Picture this: a lazy Sunday morning, you don’t even need to get out of bed to raise the shades. Remote control or smartphone integration makes it all possible.

Another nifty add-on is the solar sensor. This smart gadget can automatically adjust your shades based on the sun’s position. It’s like having a personal shade butler.

Side channels are perfect if you’re a light sleeper. They help block those sneaky light leaks from the sides of the shades, ensuring your room stays dark.

Lastly, decorative valances give your solar shades a polished look. They stylishly conceal the roller, making your windows Instagram-ready.

Honestly, who knew solar shades could be this much fun?

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